Laura Stevens ~ Treasurer

“I was 17 years old when I first told my boyfriend, Matt (now my husband), of my desire to someday adopt. I felt there were so many children out there needing a home, and I had to bmatt and laurae a part of giving them a home and family in some way. How serendipitous is it that just weeks after moving to this area of Maine, when we were actively looking for a church, that we received a postcard in the mail for a church that was led by a family that had just adopted through the foster care system (and would shortly be placed with more children!) If that isn’t a “God” thing, then I don’t know what is!

We have served with Scot and Nicki (Project Sparrow’s Executive Director) in various ministries since 2012. Since that time, Matt and I have had two biological daughters of our own, Elise in 2013, and Audrey in 2015. About the time Audrey turned one, I was lamenting how uncertain my dream for adoption was becoming, when that same week Nicki called me up and told me about this idea she had, called “Project Sparrow.” Another perfect timing from God! It has been through Project Sparrow, and its programs, that I’ve been able to give back with my specific gifts and talents. While I still have hope that someday in the future we will be able to give a home – temporary or permanent – to foster children in Maine, I firmly believe that not everyone has to be called to be a foster parent to be able to be involved and help these children, and right now my place is right here – with Project Sparrow.”


Courtney Cooper ~ Board Member

Courtney and her husband, Ben, served as foster parents for a time in 2015. Courtney is passionate about advocating for the foster care community and has a strong desire to stay active in this area of ministry. 22251444_964740157010921_1778494114_oShe currently works with foster children as an intensive in-home counselor.  her educational background in psychology and counseling are skills that she hopes she can utilize while serving as a Board Member for Project Sparrow.


Amy McCollett ~ Board Member

“My name is Amy McCollett. My husband Don and I have 7 children ranging from ages 4 years to 31 years. The three oldest, my stepdaughters, are 20, 28 and 31 and are on their 261661_10151452027497895_1293086764_nown, with one in college. We have been a licensed foster home since 2012, and have fostered 6 children in that time. We helped successfully reunify two young girls with their families. We then adopted the lovely sibling group of three sisters and then our sweet little boy. Many years ago, I received my Associates degree in Early Childhood Development which has led me to many jobs working with children of many ages, most of them under 6. I worked for Head Start for 11 years, which gave some great insight into not just at risk families but also some of the special needs that children can have and social services that families have available to them. I am so grateful that the Lord is allowing me to serve this community of families and this amazing organization by sharing the knowledge I attained in the previous work He had given me.”